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About Rural Reconstruction Organisation

Rural Reconstruction Organisation (RRO) was founded in the year 1992 in a tribal pocket of a
remote dist. Keonjhar of Odisha and registered under Societies Registration Act of XXI 1860 &
FCR Act. Of 1976, Under Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India & registered under Income Tax
Exemption Act. Of 12A. and 80G and member of different National and International Bodies/ Net-

Our Role. The role of RRO is facilitator for the cause of people’s initiative and sustainable
Focused Area of Intervention: – 1. Facilitation of Women’s Empowerment i.e. Gender equity,
Participation Governance, Creation of Alternative Sustainable Source of Income through IGP .
2.Ensuring Primary education to dropouts/Never enrolled, Early childhood care & edu.
3.Facilitation of Echo-friendly Activities. 4.Climate Change and adoption measures.

Our Work Experience With the Govt/ Agencies. World Bank, New Delhi, Action Aid Bhubaneswar. UNDP /OSDMA,Ministry of Forest and Envt. Govt.of India, Ministry of HRD Govt.of India ,Ministry of Youth & Sports ,Govt.of India, Ministry of Culture ,Govt.of India, Centre for Peoples Forestry ,Hydrabad .Concern World Wide ,Bhuaneswar. NABARD Bhubaneswar. Dept.of Legal Metrology, Keonjhar,MI Division ,Keonbjhar. Deptt. of Food and Civil Supply.

Our Recognisation.
We are as winner of IDM-04 Project on Rain Water harvesting and Net-Working of Water of bodies. From World Bank India New Delhi on 21 st .june 2004 2.We are Dist. Level Outstanding Youth Club Award in the year 2007-08From NYS Keonjhar under Ministry of Youth Affairs for our intervention on Youth for their Village Development .3.Mr.P.K.Misha Secretary RRO receiving PRAKUTRIMITRA AWARD from Mr.Nabin Pattanaik Chief Minister of Odisha On 5th June 2010 WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY Excellency work to our Forest. and Environment .4In the Yr.2012 Certificate of Recognisation from INSTITUTE OF ECONOMIC AND CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY AT LEIBNIZ UNIVERSITY HANNVOUR ( GERMANY ) As a potential Partner of the Research Project” India’s Right to Information Act-2005.” 5. We are the Award winner of Project of the Year –NGO category PMI India ,Bangalore 10 th .Sept.2015 Best Project of the year on Innovation Project on Maternal and New-born Child 4.we are regional winner on Education AmeriCares Foundation Mumbai On 14 th .Sept.2017


The envisioned society will make an effort to eliminate socio-environmental
pollution, ecological degradation, socio-economic, political and cultural exploitations and
be self-reliant based on development of participatory and sustainable values.


Our mission is to facilitate the empowerment of the marginalized class, with special
emphasis on the women, to promote and strengthen people’s organizations through
participatory process to attain the above vision.